people ask “why math?”
this is why math.
this is why.

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You built us, remember that?

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Get rid of your boundaries and the universe is yours.

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Yawkey, by me

1l of Mountain Dew in Tescos for a pound!?!?!?!?!? I’m on that

I want to go back to Boston so badly. D: 

and Pennsylvania.

and DC.



cjophotography aboveground , by me

Walked to Campus to do work on a Sunday afternoon.. 😓 (at Loughborough University)

So I just learnt the phenomenon of lift forces due to spinning (Magnus Effect). This is due to the no slip condition and the flow symmetry. When it spins, superposition of the spinning and non-spinning flow occurs which shifts the stagnation points down which changes the flow symmetry on the shape. This changes the pressure on the lower and top half of the shape (higher on the bottom) and then obviously due to Bernoulli’s, provides a lift force.

This is a great example that I will not take this module further… WHY IS FLUID MECHANICS SO HARD? 

Titanic 102nd Anniversary

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So during Semester 1 January exams, reggae music got me through it just fine

This semester? definitely The Piano Guys


this is unbelievable

i may be very obsessed with Frozen right this minute, but this is fantastic

vivaldi AND let it go? say nuttin

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this is fantastic^

The Premier League this season has really fucked up :’) 

Hope Liverpool win though! (and Arsenal missing a Champion’s League spot, so I can laugh at every Gunner I see!)