This is how exciting my life gets… 😭

However sad it is, my car is now powered by LabVIEW 😂 #nationalinstruments

Bandaging skills on point 😂😂

@pabstandjazz omds hahah 😂😂😂

Moons looking piff tonight (at Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Centre Newbury)

Caerdydd has been live!

First year apart since Uni! 😭 my number 1 gurl from day 1 @sana028


Gentlemans Dub Club - High Grade

Az idei Uprising feszt szerintem legjobb koncertje volt az övék…

how have i only just discovered this

Red Arrows at the Bournemouth Airshow, what a great day it has been! 🌊🏊✈

Bournemouth Airshow

So last night, I went in a bit too hard and drank a bit too much which then I forgot to charge my phone.. I woke up to Mark buzzing on my door at 7:30am (so I was late) and went to Bournmouth (which was a nice drive, despite not knowing where the hell Lucas was in his car when we got there).

The air show was sick. Especially the Typhoon, that was definitely  one of the biggest ones there. To witness such a plane fly at Mach numbers above sonic conditions is immense. It finished off its display by flying vertically upwards very fast, and disappearing in the atmosphere. The red cross was very cool too. They had smoke coming from the ends of them, and two planes made a heart! Me and Maks also made a cool sand igloo. The structural design behind it was spectacular ;)

The drive back started off pretty good. I was dying of being so tired though, so took some pro plus. Got to the motorway just outside Newbury, and my fuel light comes on, so I desperately need to top up on fuel at this point. But traffic started to slow down to a standstill, and stopped… An accident had occurred just down the road. So I was praying that I will find a service station close by to top up and it will last. Drove past the accident (no one was hurt) but a huge lorry was burnt to pieces and got to the services ation just on time. And then arrived home.

What a day it has been.

If The Doctor is still The Doctor, he will have my back. I’m right aren’t I? God please please say I’m right.



Airplane Sleeping Positions

Where’s “The Can’t Sleep, Nervous as Hell” position?

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So I’ve been helping my friend with their MatLab project, and I didnt help much because I just didnt understand what was going on.

This triggered something in my head.. LabVIEW is so much easier?

Not only this, I feel like nothing’s impossible with LabVIEW.. I even co-simulated Multisim with it… NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE

Did I just finish a very strong proof of concept for Multisim and Labview co simulation though?

Man that took a long time and perserverance

@lucas_psimpson thinking he’s some sort of joker 😏 (I can’t iron anything tbf…)