So I’ve been helping my friend with their MatLab project, and I didnt help much because I just didnt understand what was going on.

This triggered something in my head.. LabVIEW is so much easier?

Not only this, I feel like nothing’s impossible with LabVIEW.. I even co-simulated Multisim with it… NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE

Did I just finish a very strong proof of concept for Multisim and Labview co simulation though?

Man that took a long time and perserverance

@lucas_psimpson thinking he’s some sort of joker 😏 (I can’t iron anything tbf…)

So yesterday I was on phone shift, and I have an opportunity to do a POC (proof of concept) which is cool. But its still yet to be approved by my team lead, as i’ve just come out of new start training but I hope I can do it… IT WILL BE SO EXCITING. I’m gonna show my enthusiasm about this because I don’t wanna miss this opportunity 😨

You wot? #ni #placementyear

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finally settling into my role after officially finished training


(it’s hard work ): )

The amount of sushi that I have had today is unreal 👌☝

Covered phenomenal amounts of content in 3 weeks: Core 1, 2, DAQ, FPGA and Real Time - this is £16000 worth of manuals and training

This was incredible, made by @charltoncbrown this mofo can cook!

In light of my health MOT, my knee may require keyhole surgery ):

Work again 😭

What a dinner!

Working through the DAQ book ):

There’s only one thing I hate… and that’s spiders. One has decided to build a huge web in my room v v quickly, so I have migrated to the living room. Goodnight