This was incredible, made by @charltoncbrown this mofo can cook!

In light of my health MOT, my knee may require keyhole surgery ):

Work again 😭

What a dinner!

Working through the DAQ book ):

There’s only one thing I hate… and that’s spiders. One has decided to build a huge web in my room v v quickly, so I have migrated to the living room. Goodnight

Work is hard, and I am struggling. BUT AT LEAST I HAVE LOADS OF COOL COLLEAGUES

They all laughed at me today, because I’m from a Mechanical Eng background, they’re all from EEE, and we has a meeting today about some electronics fundamentals (which I don’t know that much about - I only have a huge range of knowledge of Electrical which is different) and they all laughed at my face when the guy started talking about sourcing and sinking…. I was confused

So today is a Sunday… I ended up going to Toby Carvery at 9am for breakfast because I was allowed to eat anything between 11am - 1pm due to a health MOT (I’m getting fit yessir)

So I then went to the gym, worked out, played some squash, and got to my MOT meeting at 1pm - for them to tell me I wasn’t meant to do any exercise as well as eat! So I rebooked it, and went swimming, and then just chilled in the jacuzzi and sauna for a bit! Why not right? 

Now I’m back in the flat working, just because work is hard ):

So here I am, on placement year. Two weeks have already flown by and it’s been quite challenging yet interesting. But it’s definitely the most best working environment I have ever worked in. I’ve never been so happy that these past 2 weeks have stressed me out, made me think outside of the box, but also develop new skills which I have never thought I would develop. I’ve never been so happy that everyone has pushed me to my limits this week through training and making me think so hard. But yay, placement year is going to be a good year.

So this bar and grill has this section in the menu, xbox’s and ps4s in the booths with tvs everywhere! Say wahhh

So work has been super busy, and as I study Mech Eng, I’m actually behind on a lot of stuff. Training has been super intense, learnt core 1 in 3 days and half way through core 2… 5 more weeks of training, and I’ll be a trained Applications Engineer (which I’m v scared about because I don’t know the shit)

Everyone at work is so friendly as well, and the working environment is so chilled. There definitely won’t be as chilled as a working environment as this. I have my own desk, own phone, own computer. How exciting right? 

I am v v tired

Working life is not for me ): it’s gonna be a struggle to get through placement year ….  I MISS UNI

It’s the 1st July and also my first day on placement!

I’m about to head out of my new flat into the grown up world (into my car) and drive to work! Except the roads here are dodgy.. 2 lanes constantly splits into 3, back into 2, and then back into 3. And you have to stay in the right lane or you’ll end up going the wrong way and have to drive quite a bit to get to a roundabout to turn around (trust me I tried)

colour meme ▪ amy pond + red

2014 FIFA World Cup: Round of 16 fixtures

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